business interests The family businesses operate through a number of trading concerns:

Trading Name Proprietors

Seafield Estate

Earl of Seafield
Old Cullen Farms Earl of Seafield
Countess of Seafield
Seafield Rural Earl of Seafield
Seafield Heirs 2009 Trust
Reidhaven Estate Reidhaven Trust
Reidhaven Farms Viscount Reidhaven
Ogilvie-Grant Estate The Hon. Alexander
Seafield Heirs 2009 Trust Seafield Heirs 2009 Trust
Dava Enterprises Ltd Earl of Seafield
Reidhaven Trust

Seafield Estate
This business manages let farms and residential property in the Cullen area and provides the joint administration arrangements for the management of all the family ownerships and related businesses. 
There is considerable interaction with the local villages. The Estate, as the major landowner in the area, acts as a facilitator making land available for housing and commercial needs to enable the settlements to grow.

Old Cullen Farms  
One of three family farming businesses operating across Aberdeenshire and Moray, this partnership between Lord and Lady Seafield is the largest. The main crops are malting barley and wheat, using potatoes and oilseed rape as break crops. Some Seafield Estate tenants supply contracting services and the partnership acts as a contractor to other family businesses. A typical annual cropping programme would be:

  Acres Hectares
Spring Barley 2,313 936
Winter Barley 254 103
Winter Wheat 736 298
Winter Oilseed rape 288 117
Grass 371 150
Potatoes 109 44
Set aside 270 109
TOTALS 4,341 1,757

Under the new European Common Agricultural Policy, the partnership qualifies for 1,269.05 Single Farm Payment (SFP) units of entitlement. The amount paid is after deductions for the National Reserve, modulation and financial discipline. In 2013 the payment is around £304,000. Payment depends on the land being managed to a standard described as ‘good agricultural and environmental condition (GAEC)’. The SFP and associated cross-compliance controls acknowledge the public benefits derived from good agricultural management. Under the new CAP proposals, it is anticipated that the SFP will reduce in future years.

Seafield Rural
The operation manages commercial woodlands in the Cullen area and in Strathspey.

Woodland at Cullen is predominantly Sitka spruce which grows on a 60 year rotation and is intended, mainly, for the UK construction market. In the course of a growing cycle, a number of thinnings may be made to allow the better development of the crop. Much of the timber at Strathspey is native Scots pine which has a much longer growing cycle. All of the family woodlands are certified under the UK Woodland Assurance Standard (UKWAS). Compliance with UKWAS involves adhering to agreed principles and practices of sustainable forest management, from initial planning to harvesting. UKWAS is recognised by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), which is an international organisation that brings people together to find solutions which promote responsible stewardship of the world’s forests.

Reidhaven Estate
There are let farms and forestry interests at Cullen but the major trading operation involves the forestry, sporting and let land on the Strathspey Estate.
The Estate manages some of Scotland's most prestigious landscape. Our sporting brochure and quality accommodation, which is also available for corporate or private lets, can be viewed at The three Castle Grant fishing beats are internationally renowned. The sporting operations including grouse moors are managed entirely commercially rather than for the benefit of the proprietor.

Sporting shooting is labour intensive. While revenue comes from only a few days sport, there is a continual program of vermin control and moor maintenance. The sport is expensive to supply and manage but it enables essential muirburn etc to be financed and helps maintain our beautiful Scottish uplands. Shooting supports rural families and jobs and brings considerable foreign currency into the local economy. Shooting sports receive no subsidy from the UK Treasury.

Reidhaven Farms
This business also specialises in growing cereal crops and a typical cropping programme is:

  Acres Hectares
Spring Barley 421 170
Winter Barley 179 72
Winter Wheat 111 45
Winter Oilseed rape 192 78
Grass 35 14
Potatoes 121 49
Set aside 18 7
TOTALS 1,077 435

The business qualifies for 374.24 Single Farm Payment (SFP) units of entitlement with the 2013 payment expected to be in the region of £90,000 after all cross-compliance requirements have been met.

Ogilvie-Grant Estate
With business interests at both Cullen and Strathspey, income is generated from forestry and the letting of agricultural land at Cullen.

Seafield Heirs 2009 Trust
This small farming business also grows cereals and qualifies for Single Farm Payment entitlements.

Dava Enterprises Ltd
This company provides a small industrial site at the former Boyndie Airfield, near Banff. A wind farm at Boyndie has been generating electricity since 2006 with eight turbines now on the site.


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